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Higher Trust

Two Men Shaking Hands

Do your clients and prospects trust "free" email service providers?

They're always in the news.

Do they still scan the email you send to prospects and the email you receive from clients?

Do your clients and prospects think so? 

Can you assure them in a confident way?


I know what you’re thinking. Your clients are thinking the same thing.


Don’t subject your clients or your business to this behavior, or even the impression of it. Some of the worries are real, others are just rumor. Is it possible to sort out the truth of what's really going on with those “free” email services? 


"Free" email services are "free" for a reason, and your clients and prospects know it. Unlike those, your email will not be copied, scanned, or sold. It will remain private, as it should be.


But Wait…

You say that you are not really getting just the “free” version of the “free” email service?

You upgraded to a $6 or $12 a month “not-free” version of “free” email?


That’s a good step, for sure, nicely done.

But how do your clients and prospects know?

To them, it still looks like “free” email.


Ask yourself this as a bottom line: Do your clients trust it, whether you pay for it every month or not?


If you were using email that looks more like you, then your clients would have no reason to worry.


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