Free Billboard Website


This could be you!


Does your "free" email come with a presence on the web?

No, it doesn't.


But it should. 


If you want a web presence that matches your new email address, you can have it without the hassle, worry, or expense of building or maintaining a website.


Custom Domain.


Having a custom domain gives you a presence on the web. This service includes a way for prospects to find out about you, send you a request or just ask a simple question any time of the day or night. 


Your new email service provides a static web page - an online billboard.  To introduce you to prospective clients, it includes a photo of you and a statement about your business. To be sure clients and prospects can always reach you, it includes contact information and a messaging form.

A single page is powerful. It's simple by design, and because there are no links and no ads, it is without distraction.

Can your "free" email service give you that?