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McCormick Insurance

About McCormick Insurance

McCormick Insurance is led by Bryan McCormick, an independent life insurance agent contracted with many companies and licensed in all 50 states and DC.  

Life Insurance Small Businesses

Do you and your partners need life insurance to help cover a Buy/Sell agreement? Let us show you how to cover your Buy/Sell needs while still returning the same funds back to working capital for your firm. Got an SBA loan and need life collateral? Lazy agents will offer you a 20-year term. Better agents will offer you a 20-year term with a declining death benefit. But the agent you want should go even a step further and cover your 20-year SBA loan with two separate policies. Let us show you why. 

Life Insurance for Individuals

Of course, with either whole life or term, we have you covered for routine needs. But there's much more to it than just the routine. Want to discover how a life policy might be more flexible and interesting than a 529 for the kids? Want to know how to create an endowment for your kids or grand kids while still spending that same money during your own retirement on yourself?  We can help.

Life Insurance for Philanthropy

Whether a small business or an individual, it is possible to create a philanthropic grant for your favorite charity, and still hold that same money for yourself. No, this is not about gifting your current policy to a charity, that's an old idea that can work for some. But this is different thing entirely. You actually can afford to create that endowment you always wished you could afford. Ask us how.

Let's Talk.

Bryan McCormick
Phoenix, AZ 

Phone/Text: 623-229-2668

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