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This could be you!

You can't spend the time or money to hassle with a complicated website, you have other things to do. But your business does still need a presence on the web.  


That's why your new email service comes with an online billboard!


Your clients and prospects would see a presence on the web for you, corresponding to your new email address. Your online billboard costs you nothing, it comes free, if you want it, as part of your new email address.

This page is not meant to be complicated.  It would have a picture of you (if you wish) and a brief description of what services you specialize in for your clients. Most important, it would have your contact information. Just a single page, simple by design.

This online billboard has no links. If you use the page address on your business cards and your email signatures, clients and prospects who visit this page would see only your information.

This page also has no ads, so you don't have to worry that your clients will be bothered by unwanted banners and pop ups.

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