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Easy to Use

Man Typing on a Laptop

Easy To Use With No Training.

Your new email service works from a simple and easy webmail interface, which is how many agents (and people in general) use email these days. 


That means you could use it tomorrow, without any special training, just like you use "free" email service today. Your email will be right on the web, just like you are used to right now - click, log in, get your mail. And when you need to send something securely, just click the padlock icon and send with peace of mind.

Banners Ads and Assorted Junk.

One thing will be happily different. All those banner ads and assorted junk you used to see while doing your mail will all be gone.


You can download email using Outlook if you prefer.  It's easy to make the Outlook setting changes. Once set up, you can send most of your email the same way you do now. When you need to send something securely, just click over to the easy web interface.

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