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Better Branding




You're using that "free" email for your insurance business?

Branding and why you want it.


Email from a "free" provider says nothing useful about your insurance business. It doesn't help you forward the professional image you work so hard to cultivate.


In fact, each time your clients see your “free” email address, it's not just a lost opportunity. It’s an impression that hurts the branding of your business.


Imagine a prospect gets proposals from two agents, one from an agent using a branded email address and one from you using one of those “free” email services - which looks more professional to a prospect who doesn’t know either agent very well? 

Your email address should reinforce who you are, what you do, and when your clients see it they will understand completely and immediately. 

What should your email address be? 

It should be completely customized for you. If you always wanted your email address to be, now it can be. 


Get proper branding every time you send email to a prospect, or a client, or a carrier, or a colleague. Make your email address work for you, every day, to build your brand.

Most important, you can have the email address you want without worrying about the cost of a domain, the complicated registration process, or the hassles of the DNS and other settings. Forget about all that IT stuff. All you need to do is say what your email address should be. It's that easy.

If you're an independent agent, you just might be the only person in the world using an email address that looks like yours. Which is just fine, it helps set your apart from all those agents using "free" email services.


If you have a small agency, your agents can have email addresses custom built to suit your agency, without any need for an IT staff. 

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