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Secure Agent Email was founded by an insurance agent with a tech background.

We know what your day-to-day agent activities are like, we know what email service you need as an agent, and we know how hard it is for small agencies and individual agents to find. The founder spent more than a decade in a Silicon Valley tech firm providing email and data services to individuals and large companies.  So in addition to knowing what email you need as an agent, we also know how to make it work.  

Because we were founded by an agent, we understand why secure and custom-branded email service forwards your insurance business. We understand the carrier agreements you signed, so we know they bind you to good stewardship of sensitive data. We know you want to protect client data, and your own data.

We were founded by a Life insurance specialist. But the same principal applies across the board, from Life to Health to P&C to Surplus to whatever insurance business is yours. And because the founder was also securities registered, we know protecting sensitive client information is just as important to financial professionals as it is to insurance professionals.

Email drives your business, so you don't want your email service dependent on anything short of top tier tech players. Through our experience in high tech, we know who the right partners are to provision the various pieces of your new email service. We know how to put those pieces together in a way that is easy and low cost for you.  We can free you from the hassles, because you want email service with a custom domain well suited for your insurance business and with a secure mail option, but you don't want the IT hassles that come with trying to create it. After all, you have an insurance business to run. 

You want a good email solution.  You've looked for one. It's been very hard to find. If you're an insurance agent, Secure Agent Email can make properly branded and secure email quick, easy, and inexpensive.

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